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Chips and salsa are one of America's favorite snacks. The only problem I encountered was I couldn't find a salsa that I truly loved. After my first trip to Mexico, I began to appreciate the flavor and freshness of authentic salsa.  The marriage of tomatoes, onions, cilantro and peppers give it a flavor like nothing I've ever tasted.
Like most great chefs, I began experimenting in my own kitchen.  I was determined to duplicate that south of the border flavor. I increased the amount of my favorite ingredients and added some personal flair. Through trial and error and with my passion for perfection, I finally came up with an ideal blend of the finest ingredients.

What I feel is unique about my salsa is the fact that it stimulates all of your tastebuds. It has a distinctive "sweet heat" and provides a fresh texture that I couldn't find in other jar salsas. It's obviously great with chips, but it also compliments your favorite mexican dish and is an excellant garnish on scrambled eggs, baked potaotes, grilled chicken and meatloaf.  To kick up an ordinary hamburger, skip the ketchup and onion and put a heaping tablespoon of TSS under that bun!

Not only is this salsa delicious, it's also good for you!  It is GLUTEN FREE,  fat free, low sugar, lower sodium, no preservatives and packed with anti-oxidants. 

I chose the name "Top Shelf" because we typically enjoy it with our favorite top shelf margarita.  Many of the best liquors can be found on the top shelf so it only seemed fitting to call the best salsa ever, "Jodi's Top Shelf Gourmet Salsa".

Become a fan on Facebook (Top Shelf Salsa) and follow me as I keep you updated on the latest salsa demos.  You can also keep track of the new store locations.  Hopefully, I'll be coming to a store near you!
          Jodi's Top Shelf Gourmet Salsa

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